19 years old made the first soundless Solar generator from scrap metal in his local community

Mamadu Nulador Bah (BNM) is a 17 years old innovator in Freetown, whom started his innovative strides at the age of 9.

BNM started building an aeroplane after friends told him Sierra Leone does not have an aeroplane and he couldn’t study aeronautical engineering in Sierra Leone because of that reason. His curiosity to know if it is possible for a generator to supply electricity without sound and emitting smoke in 2013 led him to invent in 2020, a prototype solar generator from scraps in his local community.

According to BNM this innovation is essential because it caters for thousands of students that are living in the rural areas that are unable to study at night because of power outage, Communities with constant power supply are safer at night as it easier for security personnel to patrol in such communities and effective power supply foster development; factories and Entrepreneurship ventures strive in places where there is constant power supply.

BNM is running a crowdfuning campaign to upgrade his Innovation from prototype to final product and start up a company in the foreseeable future.